Plant Based Protein Powder Review: Orgain Orgainic Protein


I’ll just start off by saying that Orgain Organic Protein is one of my favorite plant based protein powders and comes pretty close to being my overall favorite.

Orgain has been in the supplement game for quite some time now. Started by Dr. Andrew Abrahamin 2008 out of necessity this brand has really grown over the past ten years.

Long story short, Dr. Abrahamin had been diagnosed with cancer and required liquid nutrition to help him retain and gain weight. With the lack of products on the market fitting his desires(organic, non GMO, soy free) he decided to develop his own supplements.

The Orgain product line has grown quite large over the past 10 years with offerings of plant based protein powder, grass fed whey protein, nutritional shakes for kids and vegans and plant based protein bars.

Having tried about 10 different plant based protein powders over the years I have to say that this one is by far my favorite. Great taste, quality ingredients and a great price make this protein powder one of my go to’s.

In this video review I go over the flavor that I prefer, the mixability in various formats and one minor con.

I look for ward to trying other flavors of this protein powder and will also stay on the look out of other plant based protein powders that could potentially de thrown this one as my favorite vegan protein powders.