Revealed: UP Energy by Christian Guzman

up energy drink

The day has finally come, Christian Guzman has released his much anticipated Project X – UP Energy. Guzman, a popular fitness youtuber turned entrepreneur has revealed his most recent secret project, an energy drink meeting his high standards. As somewhat of an energy drink addict, Christian was constantly seen drinking can after can of “white” Monster. As the Guz consumed these caffeine enhanced beverages something triggered inside him to pursue creating an energy drink of his own.

Is UP Energy Better Than “White” Monster?

Well this is a tough question to answer as of right now due the product not officially launching yet. What we do know is the people that have tried it(Christian’s friends and fellow youtubers) have all stated that it is similar to a fruity sierra mist or sprite. These fellow youtubers are also frequent drinkers of Monster brand energy drinks and all seemed to thoroughly enjoy the drink. Christian also stated that the drink was less carbonated so it is easier to drink as well as a very refreshing taste. During a blind taste test the UP Energy beverage was preferred six out of six times.

Why Does Christian Drink So Many Energy Drinks?

As previously mentioned, Guzman is rarely seen without some type of caffeine beverage(preworkout, coffee or energy drink). This is large in part due to him living a very busy lifestyle and managing multiple responsibilities daily. His first business, Alphalete Athletics, experienced major growth resulting in sold out inventory within hours. Alphalete is a demanding business that requires constant communication with distributors, manufacturers designers and more. On top of all that he still has to focus on creating and posting videos for YouTube, his main marketing source.

How Much Caffeine In UP Energy?

Picking a caffeine number for UP was probably a lengthy process for Christian. One thing we do know is that he did test at least two different caffeine levels: 150mg & 200mg. The final version ended up being the 200mg version and that is enough caffeine to get anyone up and moving. The bottle itself is a 16.9 oz thick walled, resealable bottle that is also reusable and dishwasher safe.

With this announcement of UP Energy, Christians impact and reach is looking to take him to a whole other level of success.