“Steroid Expert” Exposed?!


In the past few months some revelations are coming forward about a particular youtuber who claims to be a steroid expert. Jason Blaha has really stirred the cauldron in the fitness community over the years and received a variety of reactions from praise to being sued. Most recently people have started digging into the world of Blaha and they have returned with some very interesting claims. The people doing and posting the research are posters on an online forum fitmisc.net and they created the thread  **Blahautism: The Jason Blaha Story**. Some of these claims are quite shocking and interesting to say the least. Some of the claims:

  • he talks about being a Telekinetic Reptilian Assassin
  • direct descendant of Jesus
  • CIA assassin from the age of 16
  • being abducted by aliens

You can check the forum out here and decide for yourself how credible the claims or the man is.