Muscle Milk Review

muscle milk review

I’ve been wanting to review this protein powder for some time now not only because of my interest but also because of all of the people that request a review. When I decided to do a Muscle Milk Review I knew they had a ton of flavors (around 18 I believe) and I was just going to do a plain vanilla but I couldn’t resist buying the Graham Cracker flavor. This flavor not only interest me but it received the best rating on a few sites that it is sold. I bought mine off of because thats where I found the best price and they always seem to deliver next day even though I pay for standard shipping. Now I must say, graham cracker’s are one of my favorite treats from childhood so I feel that I will be a tough critic for this flavor but still approach the review with optimism.

As I previously mentioned, this was the top rated flavor on multiple sites but the Banana Crème flavor was a close 2nd. Keep your eyes open for banana creme review in the near future(always have loved banana flavored stuff as well).

Ingredient Profile – 8/10

Muscle-Milk-Nutrition-Facts muscle-milk-ingredient-list

When I made the decision to review Muscle Milk I was doing so knowing what I was reviewing. What I mean by that is that this isn’t your average protein powder that has high protein and low fat & carbs. To me, I would consider this powder more along the lines of of a meal replacement because of the higher amounts of fat(6 g) and carbs (9 g). The serving size is very similar to other protein powders out there that sport 25 g of protein per serving but Muscle Milk has only 16 g of protein per scoop. My plan for using this powder is to use 2 scoops for a post workout shake as it provides a good source of protein and carbs.

The protein in Muscle Milk comes from a blend of casein, milk protein isolate, whey isolate, whey hydrolysate and whey concentrate. This blend is great because it provides both fast and slow digesting protein sources. The carb is sourced from both fast and slow digesting sources as well. The fat comes in the form of MCT’s, which is always good and a necessary part of the diet.

Mixability- 9/10

This stuff passed the mixability test with ease, using a few flicks of the wrist with the shaker bottle I had a smooth creamy shake. As for the overall texture, I found that it was very smooth(kinda the same consistency as chocolate milk). While I normally use a shaker or blender, and recommend those for this powder, I don’t recommend using a cup and stirring with a spoon(because of the thicker consistency of the powder I could
see it getting clumpy).


As I previously mentioned, I knew that this flavor was facing an uphill battle due to my connoisseur like taste for graham crackers. I was able to keep an unbiased opinion though and ultimately I was pleasantly surprised. Upon opening the container I got a whiff of the powder and it definitely had the sweet smell I was expecting. After placing the powder in the liquid of choice (I used water) and mixing to smoothness with relative ease I was ready to give it a try. Nowadays, supplement companies have started to add more and more sweeteners to their powders and some almost over do it. I gotta admit, I was a little nervous that that’s what they would do with this one. Naturally, graham crackers aren’t overly sweet as they have just a hint of sweetness. Well upon my first sip I was pleased to taste that not only flavor was on point but the sweeteners had not been over used either. To me, they hit the nail on the head with this formulation as it taste just like a graham cracker milkshake. I could definitely see myself using this powder long term and if I ever did get tired of the flavor maybe mix it up and add a little chocolate protein powder to give the taste of a s’mores.


Overall 9.5/10

Though I was slightly bummed that the macronutrient profile wasn’t ideal, it didn’t push me away from using this protein powder. I knew what I was getting into when I decided to do a muscle milk review and I knew a way to make it work in MY diet(if there are any questions about how to use this protein powder in your diet, please watch the video and comment any questions). The taste and mixability really were the best attributes of the powder and made it a truly enjoyable treat. The horror stories I hear about people and
their large investments in protein powders that end up being chalky, clumpy and downright disgusting has made me gun shy at times about trying new powders but I am sure glad I picked this one up. With a flavor that sits in the top 5 best tasting powders I’ve had and the milkshake like consistency I will be sure to keep a tub of this protein powder in my cabinet on a regular basis. I highly recommend this flavor to any of you looking to try something new and off the wall(not your basic chocolate and vanilla) that
are able to fit into your diet.

Muscle Milk Review Conclusion

While I only tried one flavor in this Muscle Milk review I will be sure to not make it the last powder buy them and review from them. Not only was this an enjoyable protein shake but it was a enjoyable beverage in general. Whether you decide to use this powder as a meal replacement or just use it to boost your protein levels throughout the day I know you will find yourself looking forward to the next time you get to consume this. I’d
like to hear your thoughts, have you tried this flavor? Was it as good to you as it was to me? Have another muscle milk flavor that you like more? If the response is great enough I will be sure to continue to review more of the flavors you want to see reviewed. Well that’s it for now, be sure to let me know your thoughts on muscle milk and be sure to ask me any questions you might have about the powder.