Matt Ogus Admits To Steroid Use?


After rising to fitness fame through the use of youtube, Matt Ogus quickly became one of the most watched fitness youtube channels out there. With a subscriber count of over 400,000 and over 3 million video views a month it’s safe to say Matt knows how to entertain a crowd. But with his success Ogus also acquired a fair share of haters, people that constantly were giving him flack for past indiscretions, diet choices and of course steroid accusations. Of all the hate, it seemed that the most frequent jab was the gear accusations with comments on youtube videos and discussions on various forums. The topic also became a frequent topic of discussion for other youtube channels as well.

Well on April 1st, Matt Ogus released a video stating that he was in fact on the sauce and he goes on to discuss the subject. The release of the video on April Fools more than likely suggest that Ogus is trolling his large following of subscribers as well as haters. But it does make you think, is it really a joke…