How Any Guy Can Get a 95.7% Success Rate With Hot Women



So how did some skinny trailer park loser, and a Goldfish discover the secret password to unlock a woman’s desire for you?

Find out here if ya can’t wait.

Let’s get into the facts of what Joshua Pellicer discovered.



Basically, nearly all females on earth choose who they want to mate with off of pre-selection. So, to give the example of the Goldfish —yeah I’m going there — it goes like this:

Male goldfish all look the same. Females need to mate. So, who do the females choose? The male goldfish that other female goldfish are mating with. How does this play out with us human’s?

When a girl decides who she wants to be sexual with… she goes for the guy that other women are choosing. They think deep down in there instincts, “Well other women want him. Therefore he must have superior genes”.

Hold up. Before you say “looks”, “money”, or “fame”…

Not so fast.

In case ya haven’t noticed social media has changed a lot for women. They are not the virgins they were back in the ole day. Female role models now seem to be naked in a music video… or in a more Extremely NSFW video that was just “leaked”.

Women are more independent now too. The guys they like, the guys they notice, it’s not on looks.

It’s all about “Pre-selection”.

And, you don’t need girls surrounding you right now to do it. Joshua found an easy way to do it.

No lines. No routines (but he’s got stuff to say in case your mind nervously draws a blank).

Instead you use his simple little map. It’s like a treasure map that leads right to her…


Let’s say “kitty”. (And, it builds a powerful deep intimate connection in about 20 minutes or less… if that’s your thang.)

See the map for yourself here in this shocking video.

P.S. Are you gonna let your currently stale game make you settle with a girl you will most likely never be happy with?