High Protein Breakfast from Chik Fil A


As many of you might know, following a bodybuilding diet often includes high amounts of protein. These diets also mean repetitive meals often consisting of the same meals day after day. I myself don’t mind the repetition so much but there are times when I need a little change. Having a high protein breakfast sets my day off with a good portion of my daily protein intake. On certain days stepping outside of your “normal” diet can lead to a mental boost that can help you push through certain barriers of dieting.

A High Protein Breakfast On The Go?

Some of you might be confused by this post, using a fast food restaurant for a high protein meal? Well in some cases this is an option and in other cases its the only option. When traveling or away from home it can be very hard to hit certain calorie and macro nutrient needs but with a little research you shouldn’t have any problems. Now as previously mentioned this is not always the case and in this instance, it wasn’t. I was in need of a lot of protein and the food at the house had no appeal so I reviewed my options. With some quick research on my computer I was able to find a suitable spot for my meal, Chik Fil A.

The video below takes you through the process I went through when searching for a high protein meal on the go.

Picking The Right Breakfast Items On The Go

As you might have seen in the video, I went to the website of the restaurant and researched their menu. I was in search of items high in protein, lower fat and moderate to high carbs. Being a fast food restaurant, many of the items were very high in fat making them off limits for me(or at least until a cheat day hehe). But I found finally some items that would be perfect for my high protein breakfast. Chik-fil-a’s egg white grills were the sandwich of choice due to their high protein(25g) and low fat(7g). I decided to get two of those and that right there put me at 50 grams of protein. I had also noticed another item on the menu, the greek yogurt parfait. With twelve grams of protein this then put me over 60 grams of protein for the meal and my fats in a safe range at 23 grams.

Just remember when choosing a meal from a “on the go” type restaurant take a little extra time and review the menu. By doing this you will be able to find items that better suite your diet and allow you to keep your diet on track.