Girl Gained 50,000 YouTube Subscribers By Putting What In Her Mouth?!


YouTube is full of interesting videos, from cats dancing to feats of strength there seems to be something for everyone. Nowadays there has been a surge of people starting new youtube channels in hopes of receiving some sort of “YouTube Fame”. There are many factors in gaining this fame but one factor that can really help is a viral video that spans the internet traveling from country to country picking up steam with each view. Planning a viral video is nothing short of impossible and that is the beauty of the process and why creating a video like this is something to truly be proud of.

Whether or not this girl planned on this type of response to her video has yet to be determined but the amount of attention it received is amazing. Her name is Ashley Nocera and she is in many ways just your average girl. Her youtube channel is less than two years old and up until January 19th 2016 the channel had a respectable 1,950 subscribers. After the upload on the 19th her video was watched almost 1.5 million times and has gained her channel over 60,000 subscribers! A main reason this video took off was what she was doing in it: various and massive amounts of stuff in her mouth.

You have to check out this video, it truly is amazing!