How To Fix Hard Lenny & Larrys Cookies

Lenny & Larrys review

As most of us already know, these Lenny and Larry’s cookies are good. This has ultimately led to widespread complete cookie addiction across the land. I have found myself craving these delectable morsels on a daily basis which ultimately led me to my most recent predicament.

Hard Cookies? WTF?!

After consuming an unspeakable amount of  these cookies, I finally decided to take my addiction to another level by purchasing a 12 pack. At this point I was overly excited because 1) I saved money by buying in bulk and 2) I had a week’s supply of lenny and larry’s. So as I tear into the box and see 12 glorious cookies wrapped in pristine condition I eagerly open my first cookie. I immediately noticed something was off, the color wasn’t the golden goodness I was used to, they were more of a brown color. Shortly after noticing the color I realized the firmness of the cookie and it reminded more of a hockey puck than the cookies I was used to.

So what Was I to DO?

At this point I was faced with a dilemma: toss the box, crunch my way through them or come up with a solution. I like to think of myself as a ingenuitive so I decided to develop a solution for this unfortunate situation. While it took me a few times trying to get it perfected I was finally able to concoct a fix. At first I thought, why not just through the thing in the microwave, so I did that and it resulted in a hot hockey puck. The next try I added a damp paper towel under the cookie while microwaving and the result was slightly better but still wasn’t where I wanted it. Upon the third try was when I struck gold, a series of simple yet effective actions that would make the rest of these cookies into a treat that tasted fresh out of the oven. While I am no culinary expert, I immediatly realized this was one of the more meaningful discoveries of my life so I decided a video was needed.


Lenny and larrys cookie fix

If you don’t have time for the video on this lenny & larrys breakthrough, her is the breakdown of how to soften of these bad boys.

First you will need

  • Hard Lenny & Larrys Cookie(Any Flavor)
  • Microwave
  • Plate
  • 4 Paper Towels
  • Water

Now with all of these items in place, this shouldn’t take longer than about 90 seconds before enjoying this culinary epiphany.


  1. Moisten paper towels and wring out excess water.
  2. Place moist towels on top of plate NOTE: You’ll want to be sure you have enough paper towels to create a double layer when wrapping around cookie in later steps
  3. Unwrap lenny & larrys and place on top center of paper towels
  4. Fold paper towel corners over top of cookie so that it covers it completely
  5. Place plate with cookie on it in microwave and set cook time for 1 minute
  6. Adjust power to 60%(Most modern microwaves have power adjustments, just look around your microwave for yours)
  7. Once the cook cycle ends you are now ready to enjoy


Please Note: This was in no way an advertisement for lenny & larry’s complete cookies. I had a problem and came up with a solution. I hope that this helps the others out there facing this similar dilemma.