Christian Guzman & Nikki Blackketter back together?

christian guzman nikki blakketter

Rumor has it that Christian Guzman and Nikki Blackketter are back together. As many of you know, they broke up about 6 months ago and many people were completely caught off guard! Many people admired their relationship and thought that they were going to always be together. Over the past couple of months, it seemed as if both Christian and Nikki had moved on with their rumored new romances.

Developing over the last week, there have been some pictures spotted on social media of Christian and Nikki being at the same place at the same time. Christian recently posted a video to YouTube saying that he was in downtown Houston, which is where Nikki lives, to get a workout in. In the video you can see Nikki’s roommate multiple times. There are tweets posted by people who met Christian and Nikki on the same day at the gym in downtown Houston.

Then, Christian began following Nikki on Instagram over the weekend and liking her photos. There are all kinds of rumors going around and if you look at Nikki’s “liked” tweets on Twitter, it is pretty obvious that there is something going on between the two again. There is already plenty of negative and positive comments about Christian and Nikki being back together.

The most recent update is that Christian and Nikki are in Maui together. There have been some snapchats posted by Nikki to her story and then immediately deleted afterward that include Christian. Nikki’s rumored new (old) romance posted a new picture on Instagram and was talking bad about Christian and Nikki, so there is obviously some type of tension there.

Here is one of the snaps from Maui that was deleted immediately:




Could it be that the ultimate “fit couple” is now back together?! We will find out eventually. Hopefully sooner rather than later!