About Us

I want to thank you for visiting and invite you to stay for a bit. This site was created as source for the “average joe” to come and see in-depth reviews and opinions on hundreds of sources of protein as well as informative articles. There are so many different sources of protein from meats to vegetarian sources such as beans and tofu. Our main focus here is to inform you on the latest and greatest supplements, show the no frills way to bodybuilding, how easy it is to loose weight and get ripped and so much more!

My journey into the world of fitness and bodybuilding began in 2004 when I realized the impact of an advanced diet and intense training could do for ones body. I wanted to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger immediately  I wanted quick results! So I went down to my local GNC and told the salesman that I wanted to get huge and in return he sold me $175 of anabolic nastiness, so I thought. You see, I envisioned these products transforming my body from a scrawny 6 foot 155 pound weakling into a 225 pound walking muscle god. I was sure that these results would be seen within a matter of weeks, but I was sadly let down. In 4 weeks I gained 3 lbs, in hindsight 3 lbs was not bad, but I was very let down.

Over the next 4 years I trained randomly, ate whatever I wanted, bought countless supplements and never really committed 100% to my training, dieting and supplementation. That all changed in January of 2008 when I had a prayer meeting with myself, I realized that I was in control of my body and the results I wanted weren’t just going to fall into my lap. Blood, sweat and tears was what I had to expel out of my body and dedicate myself to this “lifestyle”. From that point on I never looked backed, never said never and had complete control of my body. I gained 55 lbs of muscle thanks to my hard work and dedication. I still haven’t achieved the “walking muscle god” body yet, but I still continue to push myself towards that goal.